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Scheduled Journal Themes (Special Editions)

In the spirit of the IPJP’s aim to encourage research in the human and social sciences within a phenomenological paradigm, the journal releases Special Editions from time to time, each focussing on particular aspects or categories of phenomenological research and theory in the broadest possible sense.

The downloadable PDF (above) has details regarding the Guest Editors.



•  Method in Phenomenology (Released August 2006)

•  Phenomenology in Education (Released February 2008)

•  Early Childhood Education and Phenomenology (Released May 2012)

•  Evidence-Based Pedagogical Approaches and Practises in Phenomenology: Facilitating the Understanding of Lived Experience (Released July 2012)

•  The Teaching of Phenomenology in Psychology (Released September 2012)

•  The Lifeworld in Educational Empirical Research (Released September 2013)

•  Contemporary Phenomenological Research on Key Psychotherapeutic Issues (Released March 2016)

•  Positive Psychology and Phenomenology (Released April 2017)

•  Psychobiography and Phenomenology (Released in August 2018)

•  The Phenomenology of Hypnosis (Scheduled for release in 2019)

•  The Phenomenology of Sport Participation (Scheduled for release in 2020)


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