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Author's E-mail * Please ensure that your e-mail address is correct! This is essential!
Brief description of article * Within a maximum of 150 words, outline the main aspects of your paper, such as the disciplinary field, theoretical framework, and methodological approach plus any key features you consider important.
I confirm that this submission is my own work * It is not acceptable to submit work that has been written by an author whose name is not mentioned in the list of authors. This is tantamount to the use of so-called 'ghostwriters' which is frowned upon in academic and scientific works.
Please attach your article in MSWord document format (limit 2MB) * It is essential that your article does not contain formatting codes beyond those native to MSWord documents. Importantly, ensure that ALL 'tracking' codes and comments have been permanently removed!
The manuscript is currently not under review elsewhere * It is not academically acceptable nor ethical to submit your article to more than one journal or publication outlet while still under review as this can lead to significant copyright issues.
The manuscript has not been previously published * If the paper you are submitting to the IPJP has previously been published elsewhere, we cannot consider your submission unless there is written permission for re-publication of the work by the copyright holder which is usually the original publisher. Although the IPJP is an Open Access journal, it adheres to the 'Creative Commons' licensing agreements.
The manuscript is not currently part of a coursework M or D degree programme * It has become an increasing trend for a small number of universities to encourage or require coursework M and D students to submit parts of their dissertation work to journals in order to assess whether their work is, in principle, publishable. The IPJP does support this trend as it is tantamount to the reviewers of the submitted work serving as 'external assessors' on behalf of such university degree programmes.
All automated bibliographic and referencing insertions have been removed from the submission * The use of an automated referencing system and process within the paper, while it might assist the author, nonetheless tends to create havoc when the journal's Language and Copy Editing division works on the formatting and refinement of the paper.<br/>The use of automated referencing systems is thus strongly discouraged and will result in the paper being sent back to the author for removal of any such automated codes.
All tracking and review comments have been permanently removed from the paper * It is essential that a 'clean' version of your paper is sent to the reviewers.<br/><br/>If you do not know how to do this, please refer to the MSWord help-site for the simple instructions.
The manuscript complies with the IPJP style-guide requirements * This is essential!  If you are not sure whether your article format conforms to the APA style, please check this against the readily available style guide, links to which are to be found on the submissions page of the IPJP.
I accept that an Article Processing Charge (APC) will be payable to Taylor & Francis if my manuscript is accepted * Since the IPJP is an 'Open Access journal' all PDFs are freely and fully downloadable and generate no revenue for the journal. Consequently, the only source of income to pay for the operating costs of an online journal is from the APC. The IPJP is a non-profit entity.

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